A little Biography

Jens Marut was born in a small village in Germany and started helping out in his father's mechanical engineering company at a young age. During his school time, he had several additional part time jobs in businesses from different industries.

After high school Jens started studying business administration and worked as marketing and sales manager in another family firm. As part of the practical semester he joined a Fortune 500 company as an intern in cost goods and fleet management and got along so well with his boss, that he started working there full time.

Eventually, Jens Marut returned to the family business as the head of marketing & sales in order to build a new division for online distribution. He subsequently enrolled at a university to study computer science and in addition started working as a sales and account manager at an IT consulting company.

During this time Jens was offered a job as a sales and account manager at a business consulting company and stayed there until he moved to another city. He left the firm and changed his major to business information systems.

Afterwards, Jens Marut helped a mobile app startup for several months and subsequently worked as a freelance marketing and sales consultant. During this time he began to develop the ideas that eventually led him to found the agile marketing agency Ovark.